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The Front Training Room

Salt Lake City's comprehensive mountain sports training facility. We provide in-house Physical Therapists, professional coaches, customized training and group fitness, specifically designed for mountain sport athletes.

Menu of Services

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Physical Therapy

Recover & prevent future injuries with Pilates and Manual Therapy

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Group Fitness Classes

Combat workout boredom and
break through plateaus

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Individualized Training

The most efficient and effective way
to improve performance

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The Chalkboard
Training Tips
Fitness Challenge – A Winner’s Story

WHAT MOTIVATED YOU TO TRY OUR FITNESS CHALLENGE? Admittedly, the first motivation is that I am a very competitive person… Read More


Have you been told you need to strengthen your core? Does your back hurt after you train? Or do you feel like your training program could use some variety…

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weight loss
Why We Don’t Do “Weight Loss”

It seems everywhere we turn, someone is trying to appeal to that thing inside of us that wants to “lose… Read More

Losing Weight and Gaining New Pants

To date I have lost 17 pounds/two pant sizes since my journey began in March with The Front Training room.… Read More

Your Coaches
Tristan Mayfield

Climbing + Running +
Lattice Assessing

Jackie Russell


Chris Call

Climbing +

India Meyer

Assistant Manager
Climbing + Strength

Climbing Coach
Dan Mirsky


Ultra Running Coach
Zac Marion

Ultra +
Trail Running

Sandy Vojik DPT, CMPT

Physical Therapy +
Private Pilates

Running Coach
Erin Storck

Running +